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Welcome to Our Office!

The Dilworth Front Office Team

From left: Sarah Kurdziel, Cole Borgia, Isabel Ybarra (Dilworth's Daytime Custodian), Kimya Sharifi, Susan Zimmermann

Mrs. Sarah Kurdziel


408-253-2850 ext. 65111

Mrs. Susan Zimmermann

School Attendance Secretary

408-253-2850 ext. 65104

Contact Me for: Attendance related questions, attendance letters, verification of enrollment

 Mrs. Kimya Sharifi

School Budget Secretary

408-253-2850 ext. 65103

Contact me for: Paying for field trips, receipts


Mr. Cole Borgia

School Tech Specialist & Special Programs Coordinator

408-253-2850 ext. 65156

Contact me for: Volunteering, issues with school issued technology/tech services


For general inquires and questions: Please call 408-253-2850 or email