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School Site Council

Our Dilworth School Site Council plays an advisory role in reviewing and providing input in relation to the school's data, goals, activities to support the goals, as well as resources allocated to support these efforts. The Council also conducts a community survey and develops commendations and recommendations for the school to consider in its planning to meet the needs of the students.  Meetings for this school year are planned for the following dates virtually: 10/25/23, 12/13/23, 1/11/23, 2/7/24, 4/24/24.   

School Site Council Members 2023-2024

Sarah Kurdziel


Amanda Ding


Noha Akkari


Siva Singh


Melissa Johnson Parent
Adrianne Belardes Parent
Saurabh Kapoor Parent

Elsa Amboy


Steve Greenfield


Cole Borgia Classified Staff

Meeting Agendas 2023-2024