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Our Approach

The Dilworth staff is committed to a sound instructional program that emphasizes basic skill building, the process of learning, and a variety of opportunities for enrichment. Each student is considered a unique individual whose educational and social growth is nurtured and guided toward the goals of self-responsibility and the ability to become a productive, informed citizen in society.

Dilworth Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade and is located in a suburban setting in west San Jose. Dilworth Elementary is surrounded by Miller Avenue to the west, Bollinger Road to the north, Lawrence Expressway to the east, and Saratoga Creek, Lynbrook High School, and Miller Junior High to the south. There is one small shopping center in the extreme northwest corner of the attendance area. There are two community parks maintained by the city of San Jose, one on either side of Johnson Avenue. The remainder of the attendance area is composed of single-family dwellings with the exception of two condominium complexes in the immediate vicinity of the school. Please contact the school for specific information regarding the attendance area.